• Clear — The interface of Check the Weather is intentionally simple. It provides just the data you need, without any distractions or confusion.
  • Accurate — Built on top of some of the most advanced weather forecasting systems available, Check the Weather gives hyper-accurate data wherever you find yourself.
  • Fast — Check the Weather is optimized from the ground up to be fast and fluid, whether you are on the fanciest new iPhone or a more vintage model.
  • Beautiful — From its thoughtfully laid out information hierarchy to its extensive use of custom typography, Check the Weather is designed to make you want to open it.
  • Layered — The app presents a beguilingly simple interface. All the basic weather data is immediately presented on the home dashboard. A simple swipe left, right or up exposes detailed drill-down data providing everything a budding meteorologist could want.


  • Current Conditions
  • Hourly Temperature and Precipitation forecasts
  • Extended 16 day outlook
  • Astronomical data including sunrise, sunset and moon phase

U.S.A. Only

  • Doppler Radar precipitation map

A Truly World-Class App

Check the Weather provides weather data across the globe. From Timbuktu to Istanbul, wherever you end up you’ll always know what it’s like outside.

Additionally, Check the Weather’s interface is localized into:

Typography & Design


I firmly believe in making my applications accessible to the poorly sighted. Rather than just doing the bare minimum by adding descriptive labels to the text controls, I have turned Check the Weather into your personal weatherman.

Swiping along the main interface will provide: